Public Company Section as per Law (Companies Act, 2013)

As per Section 2(71), a public company means a company which is not a private company; has a minimum paid-up share capital of five lakh rupees or such higher paid-up capital, as may be prescribed.

A public company may be said to be an association consisting of at least 7 members, which is registered under the Act. The securities of a public company may be quoted on a recognised Stock Exchange. There is no limit on number of members.der

In simple words, a public company is a compay regissterd under companies act, 2013 in which general public can purchase share or debentures of that company

Feature of Public Limited Company

  • The securities of any shareholder shall be freely transferable
  • Minimum 3 Directors
  • Minimum 7 members (Shareholders)
  • No limit on maximum number of members
  • Minimum Paid Up Capital Not Applicable
  • Statutory Audit is required every year
  • More Compliances by law
  • Suitable for Big Business
  • Used to expand LLP or Pvt Company
  • Only Public Ltd Company’s share can get shares listed on Stock Exchange

How Easyservicing help you to Incorporate Public Limited Company

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Registration Process

Raise Request
Provide with Relevant Documents
10-20 Working Days
Your Private Company is Registered

Advantages of Public limited company

  • Can avail funds from general public
  • Continuity of existence
  • Larger amount of capital
  • Unity of direction
  • Efficient management
  • Limited liability
  • A company legal status
  • Separate legal entity
  • Easy borrowing options available
  • Company exclusive rights to the use of the company name

Disadvantages Public limited companies:

  • Increased legal compliance than Pvt Company & LLP
  • Heavy compliances with companies Act, 2013 and Rules
  • Higher costs than sole Pvt Company & LLP
  • Scope for promotional frauds
  • Undemocratic control
  • Scope for directors for personal profit
  • Subjected to strict regulations.

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